White Night Montgomery

Since day one, White Night has been much more than a night shop. White Night, is a lifestyle : provoque & amuse, share & please.


It all started in August of 1988 with the opening of the very first White Night shop on Place du Châtelain in Brussels. At the time, there were few shops open at night that would offer a complete range of products. We therefore set all our energy to serve our clients and offer quality products in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Movie lovers, would come and get the latest DVD’s ; party goers would provision for the night and dreamers would find the solution to their forgetfulness.


26 years on minus the DVD’s, our brand which now counts 16 shops in Brussels, one in Waterloo and 2 in Louvain-la-Neuve continues to find its way to serve nightlife customers 7days a week.